Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is my problem.

First a primer:



These words get thrown around far to much today, and most people do not know what they mean. Now the actions of this administration have been wide in their scope, but they have been no more socialist of fascist then the last 4 administrations.

Also "because" is not an argument. Simply not liking someone, or their policies does not make that person a socialist, or fascist. This seems to be a hard thing for some individuals to understand.

As you can see there are many cogent arguments in that clip. I will not even get into the Lincoln-guys warped view of history. While Lincoln was a great president for many reasons. He absolutely expanded the role of the federal government, as well as instituting one of the first progressive income tax programs in our history (meaning wealthy people pay more then poor people).

There are plenty of valid arguments to be had about our collective economic future. But these people are not interested in that. They do not like the current administration, or liberals, or anyone who disagrees with them it seems.

If they have a problem with the growth of government, or the profligate spending. Where were the effigies of Bush-Cheney? Where were the screeds denouncing Greenspan and Phil Gramm?

Yea. This exercise has very little to do with a real discussion of 'what ails us' and more to do with, ' I don't like the new guy.'.

Let me hear the argument for/ or against the nationalization of banks.

How about a rational discussion on how to stem job losses and stimulate spending.

Even talk of how to regulate financial markets so that this does not happen again.

Or if you oppose taxes in total, how would you fund the governmental apparatus (defense, interstate, education)?

As I said, they are not even interested in having a discussion. It is just poorly restrained petulance.


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Ragen --> HUZZAH! Thank you.